30 Night Program Capixyl by Nashi Argan

30 Night Program Capixyl by Nashi Argan

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30 nights to revitalize and thicken the hair

Nashi Argan 30 Night Program is the intensive treatment that prevents hair loss and stimulates the activity of the hair root thanks to an intensive phytoactive action. The absorption of the active ingredients is enhanced during sleep and in 4-week complete cycle there is a gradual improvement: in the first week, the activity of the root reawakens and the hair anchoring to the skin improves; in the second and third week, the stimulated and nourished root accelerates its activity, revitalizing the hair, whereas in the fourth week, the thickening process is visible and the hair gets new tone and vitality

Perfect for:

You want to perform the highest prevention in the period of hair weakening and loss (change of the season, diet or during a significantly stressful period)

You want to increase hair density

You have weak hair and you wish to strengthen the hair stem’s anchoring

You want to stimulate the weakened cells of the follicle

You want to extend the hair life and set down the favourable conditions for its growth