Shower Oil by Nashi Argan

Shower Oil by Nashi Argan

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The silky shower oil for your personal wellness SPA!

Nashi Argan Shower Oil is the oil for cleansing the body that turns the shower into a new experience of total satisfaction. Forget sponges and aggressive foams, close your eyes, regain touch and smell and enjoy its delicate texture, respectful of even the most sensitive skin, which dissolves on contact with water, leaving only moisture, scent  and a seductive velvet effect that will accompany you throughout the day!

Perfect for:

Your skin is sensitive and you need a ultra gentle cleanser

You want to hydrate your skin when already in the shower

You prefer to massage your body without using a sponge

You want a treatment suitable for bath or whirlpool that does not produce foam

You want to deep hydrate without greasing the skin